Ed’s Antics

All hands on deck

It’s a family affair at Handy Hubby Hire.

Finally, maybe, summer has arrived in Surrey.

However, along with the lovely weather comes the inevitable influx of clients wanting their gardens, drives and exterior decorating doing – yesterday!

All hands on the deck then, Handy Hubby Hire called in the reinforcements with Shaun and his lovely daughter Connie, plus Les from Caution Wet Paint and set to work.


With a full on day including the re-painting of woodwork and gates, pressure washing and general spruce up. The winter months certainly take their toll on these outside areas but, with a lot of elbow grease, the results are amazing.

Hang on, where’s Ed? Isn’t he helping? Of course he is! Ed’s attempt to clean the lantern glass though, I’m sorry to say, not pass muster, more training needed.

Sadly the heat got to Alfie and he treated himself to a little lie down!

Well done team, time for a well deserved cider!

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